Every year we get so many people participate in this event who have ridden very little (some less than 25 miles) each year and others who ride every day.
The aim of the game is not to complete this as fast as you can, but complete it alongside your friends both old and new and spend between 12 – 16 hours in the saddle!
Most people we approach don’t think its possible, excuses are endless. But here is what those that have completed this ride in the past have to say.
Don’t listen to us, listen to them!

Chelsea Clarkson
Completed 2017 & 2018
When Joe first approached me about the Coast to Coast in a day in 2017, initially I wrote the idea off in my head.
It’s way too far, I’ve only been on my bike once this year, I’m definitely not fit enough, my bike is falling apart…
Every excuse came to mind and it was an easy decision to say no.
However, Joes words stuck in my head (somehow he makes a habit of doing that).
A couple of weeks later he mentioned it again, only this time he wouldn’t accept the excuses I threw at him and convinced me that I could do it, and that others like me, with the same excuses, had done it. I had reached a pivotable point in my life and decided to trust his judgment and just go for it, what did I have to loose?
Joes encouragement, support and constant pestering was exactly what I needed to commit to, and complete the ride.

This ride has to be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences I have ever had. I have never met such a wonderful and supportive bunch of people (both riders and support crew!) all participating and volunteering for their own reasons.
Yes, it was a long, long day and yes it hurt a lot during and afterwards, but it wasn’t anywhere near as hard as my brain told me it would be initially.  Nothing ever feels as hard or as bad when it’s done in good company and the right mindset.
The mutual sense of pride and achievement when we reached the bus at Silloth is one I don’t think can ever be replicated, and once the ride is over you forget about how long it was or how sore you are because this overwhelming sense of happiness takes over and makes every ounce of sweat and tears worthwhile.

I cannot recommend this ride enough. If you don’t think you can do it, then you can! If you know you can do it, then be there to support those who need it. I came back in 2018 (having still only ridden 16 miles that year) to support other friends participating for their first time. It was still just as hard as the first year, but rewarding for different reasons.

This ride is unique in that we ride as a group. There is no competition, there is no time limit (although preferably under 24hrs), all there is, is a bunch of like minded people helping each other ride across the country, simple!Anyone can do it, there are no limitations and no expectations.

I thank each and every one of the riders and crew and Joe in particular for making this day one I will never forget.