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The Lake District and beyond

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Joeys Café is a one of a kind Cosy Coffee Cabin. Serving locally roasted espresso based coffee, with a huge selection of fairtrade teas, hot chocolate, Spiced Chai and divine cake bakes.
Vegan, gluten free, funky dietary needs mostly catered for too.

The cabin was designed Joe and built upon a 14ft trailer. It has the feeling of an old log cabin, a ole timey railway truck and a German Bauwagen
Built by Stan at Woodshed in Kendal using reclaimed timber products.
It is a cabin and not a shed. Although I’ll accept the portmanteau ‘Shabin’ if I’m in a Stella mood

People are drawn to Joeys at first by the way it looks then they grab a beautiful coffee. It just seems to taste even better when served from the cosy cabin like your having a brew in a Hunters lodge deep in the Canadian forests

The cubbins- only locally roasted coffee beans and only locally baked products in Joeys! When I say local I mean to me and that’s in the beautiful Lake District.

The machine is a duel fuel Astoria Perla finished in Ferrari red to match its price tag. Hand built in Italy 🇮🇹

  • Serving fresh locally roasted small batch espresso coffee developed particularly for Joey
  • Teas from Puka and YORKSHIRE
  • Joey only uses biogradable cups
  • Fairtrade products where possible
  • Recycles plastics etc
  • Uses local produce

you want Food? we got food

Does your event need some good food? Joey offers a bespoke menu. Tailored to you.
For example…
Handmade and generous portions of Cakes, muffins, scones and tray bakes
Perfect accompaniment with a flat white

Savoury- mouthwatering handmade sausage plaits and wedges of quiche

We will of course do bacon and egg butties if you want 🥓

Soup and sourdough rolls. Vegetarian and something meaty too

Hunks of Sourdough bread and Jams. Something for the Hangries

Come on in!

If it’s cold and wet. We can invite you in for shelter and a hot brew
Experience the cosiness, the smell of coffee and the warmth of the reclaimed wood.
The way Joey designed the cabin allows the cabin to transform from the traditional serving hatch in to a place where you can walk in, shelter from the storm and feel the warmth of the cabin

Highest 5 star food standard agency AWARD
£5 million public liability cover
Food hygiene certificated
All health and safety, fire risk assessments in place