In the Frame : A 600 mile journey of reflection and recovery

In March 2011 Joe Beaumont fell off a mountain. He is very lucky to be alive. Joe sustained multiple injuries down one side of his body and lay in intensive care.

Thanks to the volunteers from Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team he was airlifted by the RAF Boulmer SaR team to hospital where he began his long journey towards recovery.

In September 2013, with a team of friends,he set off on his biggest challenge yet. Film maker Dom Bush was there capture every moment.
After cycling one legged for nearly 600 miles, we knew that scaling Ben Nevis was just too far for someone that was unable to walk.

With the frame off and 9 months of recovery,Joe returned in August 2014 to set out what he originally intended to do all that time ago and reach the highest point, to summit Ben Nevis.

In The Frame : Joe’s journey from the lowest to the highest will be premiered 21st November and shown throughout Kendal Mountain Festival 2014.

Directly after the films premier In The Frame will be available to purchase and download, with all profits going directly to Mountain Rescue

We will be posting videos, photographs and updates on the ‘In the Frame’ FB page here –


Donate a little money: Virgin Money Giving, all donations going to the Mountain Rescue.