In the Frame : A 600 mile journey of reflection and recovery

Here’s a little about why…
In March 2011 I fell off a mountain. I am very lucky to be alive. I sustained multiple injuries down one side of my body and lay in intensive care for several days.

Thanks to the volunteers from Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team I was airlifted by the RAF Boulmer SaR team to Whitehaven hospital where I began my long journey towards recovery.

Challenge became my life. challenging myslef physically and mentally.

I rode 220 miles whilst with a broken leg in 2012 raising over £3300 for Wasdale MR

In June 2013 I became the first in the world to compete in a triathlon with an External Fixator.

In September 2013, with a team of friends, I set off on my biggest challenge to date. Film maker Dom Bush was there capture every moment.

In the Frame, a Journey from the Lowest to the Highest
After cycling one legged for nearly 600 miles, From the lowest point in the UK to the highest. to mirror my metaphorical journey. Upon reaching Fort William, we knew that scaling Ben Nevis was just too far for someone that was unable to walk, and thats where it ended. But with the frame removed and a further 9 months of intense physiotherapy, I returned in August 2014 to set out what I originally intended to do. after 6 hours of walking we finally reach the highest point, the summit Ben Nevis.

Returning home comforted by the achievement, I made the decision to go ahead with Ankle fusion surgery this January (2015) The traumatic arthritis in my ankle would not heal and would continue to cause immense pain. I hope to be walking in to 2016 pain free.

Not before of course I create some exciting exciting adventures in 2015!

I’d like to thank you all for following my recovery and thank my sponsors Alpkit and the low wood club for their continued support

In The Frame : My journey from the lowest to the highest premiered 21st November and was shown throughout Kendal Mountain Festival in 2014.


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